Paint Ball April 26, 2009

Looks like the first real nice day of the season.  Highs of 12c. Sunny all day

There are a number of newer player coming out this time,  so If you were thinking of trying the sport today would be a great day.
PM me if you are needing rentals, prices have been posted in previous threads. 
If you do not let us know there might not be enough rentals brought out to go around.

Game time is at 11 am.
Miller Bay, look for the cars.
For our regular players,  it looks like all those fair weather players might be coming out of hibernation for this game. 
Post here if you have an idea you are coming so we have enough paint.

Road construction in the area will not effect the day,  FYI

Glad to see a couple HTMFers taking up the challenge. 

There will still be a couple extra rental packages available out there. The Deal is still on where you just buy the paint and air, gear is free to use.

So get out a good pair of boot or old running shoes,  some dark clothing,  and drop on buy.