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The recent article on homelessness by George T. Baker of the Daily News, provided an interesting view of the frequently forgotten or swept under the rug situation that seems to be getting worse around the city as the economy continues to struggle.

In his article, Baker interviewed a number of those involved with the local situation in a number of capacities.

Among them was long time Prince Rupert street worker, Myles Moreau who has been a fixture on our streets, back alleys and flop houses (paid or not) for a number of years…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 4746733277 )-

Just found my letter in the Podunkian thanks for putting it up, in or on. I just had to write it get a lot of frustration happening inside. There are issues out there which can and may be addressed with community folk. Right now I know of four people who I have known since 1900’s, they are on the streets most of their lives and they are full blown HIV = Aids. I know a young man who was given this info in a matte of two days, he is HIV, he has Hep-C and he has Herpies. this is real shit. But for now thanks again for paying attention whoever you are.