Pacific Coast School (Online Petition)

Was just on facebook, and saw an article withing the advertising at the right.  Thought I’d post it for those interested.

Pacific Coast School

Sign our online petition

School District 52 is applying to the City of Prince Rupert for an amendment to zoning to allow Pacific Coast School to be located at 297 1st Avenue East.

Please sign our online petition in support of this application by following this link:

We believe the site is ideal for the school, since it is a mixed-use neighbourhood. The area includes a church, the courthouse, public park space, retail stores, a restaurant, automotive shops, residential housing, and an existing school building. We also believe the school fits the character of Cow Bay.

This school will service students from grades 8 through 12, who for various reasons have not been successful in traditional high schools. As well, the new school will offer specialty courses in technology and other areas…

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more signatures required

Since posting this earlier (Ref: 18 in) the signatures have more than doubled (Ref: now at 52 in).  But you’re right… more signatures are needed here!

Some thing that is making me go …WTF!!!
I believe there is a few School Board trustee signatures missiing…

Lets spend some more money on moving the alternate school for the 3rd time in 7 years. The school district has lots of money now, since they started shutting down elementary schools.

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’ SHIT, It’s Cold ! ’

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Maybe you need to read up on this school. Its NOT the alternate school.

Wait, are there two “Mad Maxes”?  If so, one of you should change your nickname.  Maybe the newer one.

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