PAC has been sold?

Heard a rumour that Chances has also purchased the PAC, something about wanting to consolidate the liquour licence there with theirs and use the PAC for hosting some of their convention business, anyone able to confirm this?

Hmm, that might make sense, Jack has been trying to sell off some of the city’s assets and Chances seems to have an interest in acquiring properties around town, have to dig into this one…

I dunno, that seems extremely fishy. And it would definitely require a very open sale through Council. On top of that, it’s a terrible investment. What’s next–Chances buys the EMAC so that their guests at the LCA have somewhere to have a good sweat afterwards?

The story made it to the front page of today’s paper my sources tell me looks like it’s going to happen

It would seem to have some legs, the PAC or Lester Centre certainly needs a bit of maintenance, the paints peeling, the sign needs to be replaced and such, Chances has some deep pockets, and it would sure be some good PR for them to take over the Arts centre in town…

Nice try! :smiley:

Interesting development.  I understand that their business development manager already has a line on a big conference for 2010.  Each year, local government types get together at an annual conference known as the UBCM and I understand from Mr. Loof Lirpa, the business development manager that they have submitted a bid to host the annual event.  It brings together some 2500 delegates every year. 

They are planning to accommodate the overflow on a cruise ship moored at the terminal building and that as UBCM occurs in late September, it will be the perfect “down time” for the cruise ships too.   :-)

I understand from Mr. Loof Lirpa, [/quote]

…that this was a poor April Fool’s effort…but an effort none the less. Someone had to try…I guess.  :unamused: