I know this is old, but I had never seen it before now. Pretty ingenious idea.


Pretty ingenious indeed…pretty funny too.

Why cant our site have anything so funny.

We need to scam some people in London.

Nah… this is funnier

wooh mig thats some nice slothing to get that clip.

He he he, that is pretty funny too.


okay now i have to get your msn or something… hahahahahaha i want this clip…

as for the powerbook… he got P-P-P-PWND

Mig can yuo email me this too : O ) * the Clip *

Jason -> menino.com/temp/mouth.swf

I wonder if he’s related to this guy:


Fat kids are the funniest.

Thanks a lot MiG. That stupid song has been in my head since the morning! I can’t get rid of it…Maaaeeaa-ee, maaeeaaa-ah… grrr!

I’ve been humming the rap one.

i ended up downloading the song.

Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei

Yea… its just not the same with out the fat danceing man.