Overwaitea to become Save On Foods in Prince Rupert

Looks like Overwaitea is going to become Save On Foods soon. They are closing the store on Feb 4 to convert signage, pricing and product.


If this is true, does anyone know how this will change things for the consumer? Isn’t this basically just a re-branding?

yes it is true they decided to do this if I remember in November, means more save on food products

Yup. Both Overwaitea and Save on Foods are owned by Pattison.

Why change the name of the store ? They already carry the store brand goods. With it being such a small store to begin with they will have to limit the quantities of products they will stock if they plan on adding more store brands. Prices aren’t any different when you price compare from the Terrace store to Rupert.

I heard from a manager they are changing all the stores because of marketing mostly. Every commercial you see is Save On Foods. I cant recall the last time I seen an Overwaitea commercial. When people now see a deal on TV for Save On Foods they will know it applies to this and every other store that changes to the new name.

That makes sense. Its too bad as “Overwaitea” or “Over weight tea” is how it all started.

I thought your’s had already changed. The ones in Fort St. James and Burns Lake are scheduled to change soon.
There were only a handful of Overwaiteas left. Here, they’d match any price from the Prince George SaveOn flyer, if you brought it in. So they will get to consolidate to one flyer for the North Central instead of two. And the savings in signs and ins-store logos and tags. So we WILL save a little with the change.
Same product line - the Welfare Family (well all the kids in town call it that) and some premium products under Overwaitea - as a brand name. They already test-marketed some of those and they were pretty good.
The name had sort of lost it’s identity - become a small town SaveOn, and the holding company Overwaitea Food Group has other stores that differ, like Cooper’s. In bigger areas the other names carry specialty items or are open 24 hrs, and believe me - customers pay for the convenience! Willingly.