Outlook, outlook express, groupwise or otherwise

I need to set up an email provider/interface so I can reply using my new work email address. I need to enter the citytel mail server account or something mail.citytel.net but I have been using yahoo for a few years for work and personal and my old work account was done through groupwise. should I set up my outlook, outlook express or something else? Apparently I can’t use yahoo to send and receive my work emails.

Any advice? I hear outlook express is worse than outlook . The latest version of I have of either is from the 2003 office suite too.

Any advice?

So put your work address in the reply to field and use your citytel to send. :smiley:
Or use your work’s WebMail interface.
There’s this program called Thunderbird that makes OutHouse eat shit. OMG groupwise makes people ROFL

WEBMAIL ftw, nice, thunderbiard owns outlook express & outlook.!

Thunderbird FTW.  :sunglasses:

I agree, thunderbird…

Oh wait what about safari? Is that an option? Especially if I get an iPhone would that be easier than outlook?

Here, download this…


Forget about outlook, it’s a peice of crap… Get thunderbird.

Safari is a web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera).  The iPhone comes with Apple Mail as well, which is like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.