Out of Gas in PR

I just heard that Chevron and Esso are almost out of gas and it may be 10 days before they get more. Something to do with Fort Mac. Don’t know if it’s true but I will say that PetroCan out the highway is at 1.18 tonight and have plenty of fuel as they were just filled up! The Chevron and Esso gouge on prices always and that’s why I don’t deal with them anymore. They charge a buck for air and say it goes to Charity??? Really, let’s see some records of that, please? Jerks…

I think there was some trouble at a refinery in Edmonton. The shutdown of some Fort McMurray stuff doesn’t help.

Petro-Canada gas pumps run dry at stations across the West

If you’re driving in Western Canada and need to get gas, don’t be surprised if your local Petro-Canada station doesn’t have any.

Many Petro-Canada outlets in four provinces were either out of gas or quickly running out Friday morning.

Sneh Seetal, spokeswoman for Suncor, Petro-Canada’s parent company, says an unplanned outage recently at its Edmonton refinery is contributing to the gas shortage.

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