Our gals kick ass

It’s kind of neat to make note of that when it comes to hauling in the medals, Canada’s gals are within a couple of leading the pack… 11 of our 15 medals and counting come from the ladies.

As of tonight and our string of remarkable success, our ladies are doing quite well thank you very much and its safe to think that a few more are heading our way before Sunday’s close of Olympic theatre.

We clearly aren’t going to make it to that own the podium declaration overall, but nobody best mess with the ladies…

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Last night’s performance in the bobsled and speed skating was truly awesome. My Daughter’s are hooked on the bobsled, speed skating not so much. Canada and USA tonight’s women hockey should be another inspiring night for them. Go Canada!!!.

They sure did a good number on them Yanks this afternoon, # 29 Poulin two goal .

Here’s a list of them:
Ricker, McIvor, Nesbitt, Moyse & Humphries, Virtue, Wickenheiser and her teammates,  Brown & Upperton, St-Gelais and her teammates, Groves, Heil, Hughes and last but not least,  Rochette. 
We’ll probably have to add Bernard and her crew to the list too. 

Great olympics, great olympians.

Now I have to go buy one kid a bobsled, the other hockey gear. I am glad the youngest likes her Wii, for know. LOL, all joking aside they were and are awesome.

Well you never know with the IOC, the Wii may be the next Olympic sport!

Instead of the winter or summer olympics. It could be the “indoor all season olympics” LOL

Don’t worry.  USA will beat Canada in men’s hockey, if they win tonight that is.  :smile:

You’re lucky you are banned from Canada!  :imp:

No I’m really not.  I miss my kids a lot.  :frowning:

It looks like our boys are trying to catch up with the gals seeing the haul of medals from the last few days.

Penis power took a while to kick in, but the boys won the last 6 gold for Canada.
Of the 14 gold the men won 8 and the ladies won 5, with 1 being pairs ice dance.
The gals had 14 1/2 medals while the men had 11 1/2.
Most golds of any country in any winter olympics.
Congrats Canada!