Our Doctor is leaving

My daughter and I no longer have a family doctor. Dr. Erasmus is leaving. He is an excellent doctor. Letters will be mailed out to us with information on how we can sign up online to be put on a wait list for if and when a replacement doctor is found.

Does your doctor share a clinic with other ones? Maybe they can help.
I haven’t had a traditional family doctor since I moved here. The doctors share the clinic here and in 30 years half a dozen doctors I had have moved away and I ended up with their replacement. If they’re not available and it’s critical you get who is available. Hasn’t been a problem, though the wife did ask to be changed over when one new guy turned out to be a rabid anti-vax nutcase.
She was 60, athsmatic, diabetic, overweight w allergies, worked the till and he told her masking was stoopid, the vax wasn’t necessary.

Yes, there are other doctors in the clinic. Good suggestion, thank you. I have two refills on my current medications so I’ll be fine for a few months. Hopefully one of the other doctors can issue prescriptions.

If you still have access to your current doctor, and the medicines are ‘fairly regular, run of the mill’ type meds, you can also request up to a year of refills. They will still be doled out in small batches but you have the reduced stress of wondering where your next prescription will come from…at least for a while.
My family doctor also suggested doctors liked to see the word compliant when looking at profiles of potential patients.
Good luck in finding a new practitioner…I’ve heard stories of having to wait years.

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Good suggestion, chien22! I’ll call the office and see if he’ll issue a years worth of my medications.

So can anyone answer why when I’m gonna be on Metformin every day for the rest of my life do I need to keep making Dr appts to renew my prescription?
Like I have to get blood tests every 6 mos and the lab is hooked up to the same computer program as the Doctor, so it should notify him if anything changes.
A medical clerk once berated me for not making a new renewal appt 6 weeks before my prescription ran out. 6 weeks…
The lab here is one block from the clinic and they used to lose 3/4 faxes regularly. Faxes, In the old days of 2022…

I found the following message online on Facebook. This may be a temporary option.

Need to See a Doctor?
Call 250 624 3333
Pharmasave Prince Rupert
Virtual Doctor

Is this a for profit service?
Why is a business offering the service?
Questions, questions…does anybody know the answers?

That’s a very good question! I will ask. Without knowing the answer I will assume that as a patient I would be talking to an actual doctor who would need my health card number. Then they would bill for their time. Maybe the government is paying the tab?! I’ll get back to you.

Thanks! I’m hoping it’s not another attempt to introduce user pay health care.

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I received a reply from Pharmasave. They said if you have MSP then the service is free. That means that I would just provide my BC health care card number and I will be helped free of charge.

Dr. Merv the Perv Virtual Gynecologist
all appointments free of charge

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Thankfully my doctor isn’t leaving until June. I made an appointment for early April. I’m going to ask for a full year of my medications. That’ll give me time to search for a new doctor.

It’s sad to realize how far the quality of health care availability has been allowed to deteriorate over time.
Hard to believe there was a time (in living memory) when doctors made house calls.
Glad to know you have the chance to look around for alternatives before your doctor departs.
I truly believe the push to privatize health care is serious problem…but well funded and fully supported public health care is the way to go.
Hope things work out well.

Thanks for your well wishes, chien22!
On a somewhat related note I sent e-mails to Jennifer Rice and to Herb Pond about the exodus of doctors in Prince Rupert. I’m waiting for a reply.

I posted the following message on FailBook.

If you’re like me and you’ve lost your family doctor here in Prince Rupert then I suggest that you call 8-1-1 and register for a new doctor. New doctors who come to Prince Rupert will be contacting patients from this registry. All you’ll need is your health care card number. It was easy to get myself on the registry.

I am on metformin and get blood work every 3 months and my doctor only allows 1 refill so basically I have to phone appointment her every 6 months to get refill and discuss my bloodwork

Rupert is losing 6 doctors of which 1 is a surgeon

I know, I’ve discussed how nothing has changed many times over the last decade. Not much of a discussion at all. Hslf hour in the waiting room to see a doctor for three minutesi
I like how they all must take my blood pressure twice, because I’m a “big guy” so the first reading of normal must have been an error.

you get to go in my doctor just does phone appointments mostly so 5 minutes on the phone just to get prescription refilled, and the amount never changes