Gassed up at Chevron this afternoon. Ouch. Gasoline is $1.47/liter today.

Sad but it’s been that way about a week now… I wonder where the limit is?

I think at one point it was 152.9 LOL

Yeah, major sticker shock, I think I last gassed up a little over a week ago. Nasty! :frowning:

In my opinion gas companies are using the need to reduce oil dependency as an excuse to gouge us on gasoline prices. Oil prices are reasonable, gas prices are outrageous. They’re just padding their bottom line because they know we will still pay.


We don’t need to develop alternate fuel, there’s lots of shale oil.
You don’t want a little electric car to scoot to work. Batteries get charged by dirty coal plants. Propane and LNG are dangerous. Fuel cells are gonna 15 years away 100 years from now.
You want a big ass 4 door 1 ton 4x4 pickup or a $70,000 Lexus.


You want a big ass 4 door 1 ton 4x4 pickup or a $70,000 Lexus.

Sure. If you pay for it. I don’t have enough coin for a Lexus. I have enough to pay the gas toll. :smile:

Hey you’re talking to someone who drives a 460 V8 all winter. Can’t afford anything else. And ALL the automakers decided I don’t want another 2.0L little 4x4 for me…

Petro Canada in the industrial park is 143.9 and has been consistently 5 to 10 cents cheaper than all the other stations I’m the city.

Curious why we pay $1.47 for gas in Rupert and in Terrace I can gas up for $1.36 at Safeway with the 5¢ discount. Who determines the price?

I got nailed $1.479 at the Chevron in Thornhill. Pissed me off when I got into Terrace.
It’s $1.379 once you’re west of Houston.

$1.39 in the industrial park today. $0.07 cheaper than in town.

I’d like to know WHY people in this city keep gassing up at Petro on Hays Cove, and Chevron/Esso downtown when Petro in the Industrial site has been a good 5-10 cents cheaper for the last two months?

Its not - it has been 139.9 at Petro in the Industrial Park for over 2 weeks.

Downtown gas stations are gouging people.

I know. For me, it’s more about supporting the station who’s keeping prices lower than everyone else, than it is about saving $4.