Opening ceremony

what rupert player played there?

Robin Gomez. He played for Manchester Phoenix in the 2006/7 season. … obin_gomez

I used to go see them all the time when they were Manchester Storm, then they went bust, got taken over, and changed Arena’s! Hockey isn’t that big a thing here unfortunately! Unless, of course, you guys have another ‘Lock-out’, loads of exhibition games here then!

You forgot to mention Ashley MacIsaac…battling drugs and is also openly gay

I believe Mark McCoy and Tom Jackson played over there as well at one point.

Learn something new every day! Mark McCoy played here from 1997, and looking at who he played for, chances are I’ve seen him play a few times!

cool neat to see where rupert guys have played . like brlecic hes played in a few places too

I believe Marks brother Matt also played over there for a while.  Both were/are excellent hockey players,  at least they were when I played with/against them here!