Opening ceremony

Does anyone know if the ceremony will be on CBC,  free to air channel this evening??

does not look like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

CTV has rights to the olympics this year. Just another way that CBC has dropped the ball completely. I think anyways. First it’s the hockey night in canada song, now the olympics.

Bullshit,  We already have paid for the olympics,  Now we have to pay to watch them?  What a bunch of crap.

LMAO wow…

As if you don’t already have CTV on cable or sattellite.

We do not have cable or sattallite…  However…

Fuck that shit. Spending more taxpayer dollars on the ‘exclusive’ rights to broadcast would have been just another waste of money.

CBC has ALWAYS had exclusive rights to broadcasting the olympics in canada, that’s why no other canadian channel ever has broadcasted it. At least I can’t remember it ever happening, maybe I’m too young.  :unamused:


And then the ball gets dropped by the hydraulics system…

Oh well. Some parts of the opening worked (the light show, KD Lang) and for a Winter Olympics opening it wasn’t bad but some parts were kinda lame, CTV or NBC coverage. 

the true meaning of “indian time” became apparent tonight - the opening ceremonies started at 6, the honoured guests (the FN chiefs) arrived at 6:30! hahaha

And paying for exclusive rights is a waste of fucking money just like the olympics. 

  Wayne Gretzky didn’t look too impressed in the back of the pickup… :confused:
spoiled the lighting of the cauldron…but the opening ceremonies were pretty impressive

It’s cold, wet and WINDY down here. He’s damn lucky he didn’t lose his grip and get blown out of the back of that truck!! Love the semi-surreptitious torch exchanging they were doing as well…it looked kinda amateurish. Remember the archer who lit the cauldron at one Games? Now THAT was impressive. Ours? Not so much, even without the malfunction, the cauldron setup looks like a piece of the Fortress of Solitude.

Actually when it comes to the Winter Olympics it seems CTV has had the rights more often than CBC… … oadcasters

Have to agree !  I wandered in and out of the ceremonies but happened to catch Sara and K.D.  Great voices, just beautiful !  The rest from what little I saw, not so much but I have to admit, I kind of chuckled at the Cauldron setup especially when they panned on one of the torch bearers and his look said it all, like “what the f–k is taking so long?”.  Funny  :smiley:

This is a direct quote from one of my friends on Facebook:

“for the record, the Chiefs of the 4 Host First Nations were intentionally late in order to welcome their guests to their traditional territory = protocol”

They weren’t there at the very beginning for a reason.  Don’t be hatin!

Haitian-born, black female Governor General introduces A lesbian singer from Alberta doing a song written by a famous Jewish poet from Montreal.  Doesn’t get more Canadian than that.  It was awesome. 

Just caught up with what I recorded last night (Too late for me!)…

2 things:

1 - Worst Lipsynching ever!

2 - Pretty awesome opening ceremony! Really enjoyed watching it… Nothing would be normal without a few things going wrong, but it was good, impressive, and fun to watch! Good job!

Here endeth any loyalty I may still have with Canada for the next 2 weeks! :smile: Sorry, but, ya know how it is :wink:

Can’t wait for the UK-Canada gold medal hockey game.  Wait! That will probably happen right after England plays Canada in the World Cup final.

Oh I’ll be supporting the Canadians in the hockey, unless Sweden get to the final … Most of the hockey players in the UK are US/Canadian anyway… we even had a player from Rupert here for a bit!

No, afraid I’ll be supporting some of the European teams, has to be done!

And England getting to the World Cup final? Probably no chance of that! :frowning: