Open Boat

I just heard that there is an open house, or well , an open boat, on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 2pm on the Inside Passage down at the Atlin Terminal. I guess its to let everyone wander through to take a look and eat free donuts. The free donuts is  why I am going. For some reason they always taste better when someone else buys. 

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

  Now that sounds like a good time…Beautiful boat :smiley:  Don’t let the soup kitchen crowd know or they will grab all your donuts, they LOVE their free donuts :unamused:  Super photo but I hope that guy there didn’t do a belly flop, I can feel the pain now.! Everybody have a GREAT long weekend. Be safe :smiley:

Forgive the ignorance of this question - but does this particular boat have some significance in PR?  I’ve only been in Rupert for 6 months and am far from boat savvy - :smile:


Is the high diving board going to be open?

its the new whale watching boat Kalied

[quote=“codybear5”]Everybody have a GREAT long weekend. Be safe :smiley:

It’s attitudes like this that ruin the Interwub for everybody…

yoiu seem to like that company alot…in fact if i recall you had your hands on one of the promotion videos they made…weird.