Oops......strange video clip

Watch this guy pumping gas…weird stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


How dumb can you be to wach your own car roll away and then return to filling your gas can.

Yeah, that was pretty amazing to watch.

I guess he figured that there was nothing he could do since it was already in the ditch, so why not finish filling the can.  Weird.

possible insurance rip off, looks set up.

Interesting…you think he deliberately turned his SUV into a u boat?

Reminds me of an old cartoon. The Wizard is explaining to his apprentice that people wander about with a ‘dim, milk-like perception’ (and the guy pumping gas qualifies for that!), then he kicks the apprentice in the nuts. “See how sharp and crystal clear reality has become?”

LOL :sunglasses:

Herbie, you should write this shit down and publish a novel…

Agreed.  You’re an outstanding writer, herbie. :smile: