One wonders if Mayor Mussallem ran into Mayor Moore at UBCM!

Prince Rupert residents, already working with a rotating garbage system which can leave you holding the bag (stinky as it is) for an extra day after every long weekend, may wish to keep an eye on a plan set to begin in Port Coquitlam.

That BC community is making preparations to move to a two week pick up schedule, putting a greater emphasis on composting and recycling, but limiting the amount of times you see your local garbage collector to twice a month.

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 7775835298 )-

We’re at the every-second-week garbage pickup here on the Island and while it did indeed take a little getting used to, it mostly works fine. One thing that they do to further encourage recycling is to charge a fee (via small, sticky sided tickets you buy at city hall) for every can of garbage past the first can. So while you can put out more than one garbage receptacle every two weeks, it’s gonna cost you. Mind you, the contractors who do the actual pickups don’t always bother to rip off the tickets, which means we end up recycling those sometimes as well, saving a buck or two…


With two kids, two adults and seven pets, we usually put out two or three cans of garbage every two weeks. (damn kitty litter) But we also put out one mostly full receptacle of compost material every week and three large bags of recycling every second week as well. It’s all the cardboard, paper and non refundable plastic that adds up so quickly!

We would still be seeing the garbage truck more then we would or will ever see our voted in City Council, what a frigen farce they have turned out to be, put them all in the garbage trash. I have met Mayor Moore in my days and he is very involved with his community and always has, ain’t nothing like Jacko “he is a joke”.

Hey Justin Case you should run for mayor in the next election you seem to have all the answers!

Ever since we started doing some basic recycling, we only put out trash to the curb every two to three weeks. It just means going out the the recycle depot every week to two weeks.

I don’t have a problem with this at all, but if we reduce garbage pickup, then we’d better see lower taxes and fees.  How much do we pay for garbage pickup per year?

Something to think about.

One truck maybe two travels around town through the week to pick up garbage.

How many vehicles go to the recycling center every week?


I say pick up garbage every 2nd week, pick up recyclables every other week. With the same cost to the tax payer.

I would opt out of garbage pick up in a heart beat if i could get a refund on my taxes.  I often bring it to the landfill myself, the city service is almost never on the same time week to week.