One day you're the main line, the next you're a forgotten siding

“It’s a lack of care and concern on the part of Canadian National. It is convenient to blame it on the weather, but they take care of Prince Rupert and they have bad weather.”-- Merv Russel, former chairman of the Port of Halifax, less than impressed with CN’s attitude towards his former responsibility.

Prince Rupert’s Fairview container port has certainly caught the attention of the transportation world, as CN’s investment in the Northwest part of BC apparently is causing a bit of concern on the opposite side of the country.

And if it’s not corporate indifference, it’s a declining economic situation in the US marketplace that is starting to ring a few alarm bells in the transportation world. Two separate stories today, both in their way a window into the ebb and flow of trade and transportation in North America.

Tales to make note of locally, that the world of transportation has more than a few peaks and valleys to it, as circumstances far away can impact on the state of affairs anywhere that cargo is hauled to…

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