On the road again, he can't wait to get on the road again

When he was Mayor of Prince Rupert, Herb Pond spent his fair share of time in office travelling the province, country, continent and at times the world, selling the merits of Prince Rupert, showing the flag and building up relationships. At times it seemed that he was a guy with a suitcase ready to go at the first invitation, prepared to be an ambassador for the city and by extension the region. It’s a past history that may soon come in handy as he seeks to capture the North Coast for the Liberals, wrestling it from the current incumbent MLA Gary Coons.

Many of those trips were to increase communication with the Provincial government, addressing issues such as the local fishery, social housing, port development and of course the always on the front burner item of the Tsimshian connector project. They were trips which for the most part have provided mixed results at times for the city, but certainly didn’t hurt when it came time to focus on a new stage of his political career…

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