Older PC $125

Just wanted to post a link here for an older PC I’ve got for sale

bcgaragesale.com/garage/index.ph … topic=60.0


Good luck with selling your unit, chuckrox.  Welcome to HTMF. :smiley:

Thanks HiTest!

And in just the short couple of hours on HTMF the PC has sold!

Thanks everyone!

That’s actually a pretty good price – a clean Windows or Linux install and that computer will do just about anything you’d want.  It won’t run the latest games, but it’s just fine for Internet and running apps.

Glad you sold it.  Tell your friends about rupertgaragesale.com :wink:

It’s for the kids, Its a nice kiddie computer for kiddie games

More people should be selling powerbook ac adaptors.  :blush: