Old house on east 4th

Hey, anyone know anything about the big house at 325 east 4th that’s for sale?  We walked by it today and it looks like it’s got some stories to tell…

Might be Blair Johnstones old house.
I am sure they are many many stories if that be the case.
I went to an open house there…really nice…but add an addistional 100k to purhcase price to have it liveable.

Yeah if it’s his house there would be many stories I’m sure. I remember Blair from back in the day.

I remember sitting in court one day when suddenly there was this weird electronic ringing. Everyone starts looking around and I’m kind of getting worried since I’m responsible for the security of the courtroom and I had searched the courtroom earlier for ombs/weapons/etc… There should be no electronic ringing sounds in the courtroom.

Blair looks down at his briefcase and opens it up. He quickly turns off his cellphone. (This huge device by today’s standards.)

He must have been one of the first people in town to get one and these were the days when no one was used to hearing them ring. Cranky old Judge Graham gave him a very dirty look and continued on.

Me, I was just happy it wasn’t my fault. :smile:

Im sure that ol bastrd graham thought it to be your fault anyhow Mike.

If its the house Im thinking of ia absolutly beautful…huge…requiring work.  I had that his wife went crazy after he died and had sometihng like 15 cats living in it.

Was this the lawyer who had a little drug problem and died of an overdose? I heard the house was beautiful; didn’t she leave it to her son, when she passed away?

I was a close personal friend of blair and karen, and have been inside that house many times over the years before blair died, it is very very large house with bedrooms as big as a modern home’s living room, as I remember it it had hardwood floors through the entire home.  Every time I was in it it was a complete pigstye, I have never before , or since seen a home that filthy with people actually living in it, Karen was the worst housekeeper you will ever find. While a bit different, and had addiction issues, Blair was always a really good friend, gave advice to me for free many many times, and was a very intelligent, kind hearted person to his friends. RIP Blair. The house needed considerable work but would be incredible with the work done, great location and water view.

Probably, but with the addiction problems she probably dipped quite hard into his inheritance. BTW, Buzz has recently returned to town.