Old Fridge? Airmiles & BC Hydro by Sept 30th

Got an old fridge to get rid off? Airmiles and Hydro have an awesome program on until September 30th. (deadline)

They are giving me 175 airmiles for registering my pick up and BC Hydro is giving me a cheque for $30, plus they are picking up the fridge! No recycling fee :smile:

The fridge must be working and hydro bill must be in your name. Just trying to figure out how to attach the link, but it won’t let me :confused: If interested contact airmiles and ask them to send you an e-mail. Not sure why I can’t find it under google, but I confirmed online with airmiles and then BC Hydro. I received the info in an email from airmiles. What an awesome deal if you have a fridge to get rid of.

Weird, I just did this, and they gave me the option of $30 or the 175 Air Miles. It was one or the other. The Air Miles offer replaces the $30?

I just registered it on airmiles and then it gave me the number to contact BC Hydro to arrange for pick up. It didn’t give me an option to choose?

I didn’t even know I was going to get $30 until the end of the phone arrangements, when they told me I’d receive a cheque.

Ok, when I called, they said that it was either 175 Air Miles or $30. Here’s the relevant part of the terms you accept: “I also understand that this Air Miles offer replaces the current BC Hydro Power Smart Fridge Buy Back program offer.” (at the bottom of the conditions).