Old Cell Phones

Anyone have any old cell phones they don’t want anymore? You can email me at redhotrupert@gmail.com or send me a PM Thanks!

Do they have to work?

Nope non working is ok  :smiley:

What do you want them for?

Good question…why do you want these things?

I like screwing around with electronics, I want to experiment with LCD screens, also I can dispose of the batteries so they don’t end up in landfills. That’s it Lol

liar you’re gonna take over the world with your vast collection of clustered cell phones


lol jk

Yes, I need them to become Supreme Overlord of Earth, Each LCD I collect just gets me so much closer…Mwahahahaha

Man to bad i didnt know this 2 months ago i threw out 2 old ones that didnt work sheesh

he wants to form a circle with them and make popcorn, his microwave recently crapped out on him.

I’m actually trying to summon spirits through the LCD’s…Gonna make a circle…  :imp: