Ok hockey fans, somebody explain this one to me!

So Iron Mike has decided that the Florida sun and occassional hurricane don’t appeal to him anymore. In a strange little announcment, Keenan announced that he was leaving his job as GM with the Panthers. Jacques Martin takes over both roles with training camp one week away.

slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Fl … 23-cp.html

Interestint timing, having acquired Bertuzzi from the Canucks after fighting with Luongo for so long over contracts.

There must be a reason for Keenan’s departure, wonder what it might be.

Outside of a health concern, I’m stumped, figured he be there a few years at least.

Well Podunkboy,  I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t care much  about the NHL anymore (see an earlier thread).  I haven’t watched TSN sports news in a long time because all they do is speculate and talk about some guy’s contract instead of showing sports footage.  We are supposed to watch this crap like it’s a soap opera?  Keenan can check himself into an asylum for all I care.  Sportcasting should be about the sport itself, not about some dude chasing someone else’s wife or an agent demanding more money for his mediocre player.  Are they trying to get a nomination to the Daytime Emmys?

Sorry to rant like this but I’m tired to be a stupid fan watching prima donnas and every year you think someone is going to really inspire you to keep watching but you always feel disappointed.  I still have a faint hope in some players but it isn’t bright enough to let me read in the dark.