Oh..... so thats what happened

More from the on going sun wave saga


HUMMMM good read

Reading this so early in the morning makes it all sound Chinese to me . I am sure Jacko can figure it out .

He put up his 9 to get 200 but the po-po got a tip he wasn’t legit and his 200 dream was denied which led to a loss of the last 9 when PR took his new toy.

Very interesting read. You should put Skeena Cellulose in your title so that more people will click on the thread. Imagine what would have happened.

So… they’re fucking us? fuck them fucking fuckers. Seriously though… most confusing article ever.

It was an attempt to monopoly the situation.

“This person bought the mill for $2 million”
“Files claim to government that this mill is worth $200 million”
“Claim gets denied because an internal informant reveals to government that only $2 million was spent to buy & repair the mill”
“This company goes kapoot and the parent company takes over”


Wonder if the Chinese gov gives bail out $$$

So in the end Mr. Ni gets screwed after screwing Rupert and attempted to screw loan companies and Beijing. I’m surprised he didn’t lose his head after all those shenanigans.


and yet we are still in court with this bozo, one statement claims we took the mill illegally and the other is he was the highest bidder to buy the mill but was not allowed to buy it. go figure

I’m no lawyer but I would assume that this revelation would actually help the City’s case. It shows clearly why he was unable to hold up his end of the bargain and because of this Sun Wave was excluded from the tax sale that the City held. He screwed up and the City should be able to move on.