We knew it was coming, but…McD’s is finally closed…anyone know for how long? I’m missing their coffee already

That would explain the lineup out the other door at Timmies this morning! I guess it’s coffee at home for the little while.

Their closure time was runmored to be 8 weeks. 4 weeks have gone by. They will be closed for 4 weeks I am guessing. Although, the drivethru might be open soon I thought?

I don’t know what Tim Hortons is doing again, but the staff are not being efficient again. They used to have the “Pro’s” taking care of the tills / service at times but now they have all noobies and it is rare when I drop by because I just can’t stand 5-7-10 minutes in line. I spent 18 minutes in line once last year. It completely put me off for about 6 months.

McD’s coffee to me isn’t as good as Timmies but fast, drive-thru no hassle service makes it taste MUCH better. Sad, but true!

an employee told me the whole place would have to be shut down for 3 or 4 days while the kitchen facilities were being renovated. Hope it is open by this weekend again. This past week, the choices were not so good - wait in Mickey Ds drive-thru line up or stand in Timmie’s in-store line up. Maybe time to pony-up and stand in Starbuck’s line up!

Or buy a coffee maker, and a grinder, buy the beans yourself and make fresh brewed coffee. Which is probably way cheaper than buying coffee every day.

They are closed til Monday.