Oh lord, look who's back!

I’m a pretty big fan of 80’s music, and for the most part I’m glad a lot of the hair bands I liked in my teenage years are still going strong. I always get nostalgic whenever I hear a tune by Bon Jovi, Motley Crue or Skid Row. Hell, I think I might be able to stomach Poison again, but only after a copius amount of beer.

But I looked at the National Post website this morning, and I thought it was the end of the world. Or at least hard rock. As it turns out, the Christian-fundamentalist glam band Stryper is releasing a new album. It’s called “Reborn,” a fittingly hackneyed title for one of the most banal acts the glam metal scene had ever spawned (which is saying a lot). Click here for the National post story.

Let me be the first to say it…


KAO KAO KAO. You have so much yet to learn.

Actually Stryper was pretty bad, but they were one of the prototypical glam hair bands of the mid-80’s. Teased hair, and black and yellow striped spandex. Nasty.

[quote=“smartass”]Let me be the first to say it…


No, The Who is a really great band from England. Powerhouse of Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, with John Entwhilstle on bass and Keith Moon on drums. No way related to a shit band like Stryper whatsoever.

Actually, I remember one of my psych professors telling me an intersting story. I was in a drugs and behaviour class, and we were talking about a type of medication that’s supposed to help curb alcohol addiction by making a person so sick after drinking alcohol that they won’t go near it. Kind of like a reverse-Pavlovian effect.

Keith Moon had been put on this medication to try and keep him on the wagon, but apparently he decided to go out on a bender anyway. He drank so much that the alcohol reacted with the medication and ended up killing him.

When I mentioned this point to my prof, he said that on the day Keith Moon had died, he just happened to have bought one of The Who’s records, and on the center label it had pictures of all four members. Somehow, there was a hole right through the record at one point, like someone had driven a nail through the thing. And the hole was right through Keith Moon’s face.

Scaaaaary! :astonished: