Oh Canada

Looks like the dark days of Canadian hockey is all over. With a 3-2 win over Finland in the World Cup of Hockey Finals. We had a bad drought in the 90 in all levels, Joe Sakic said it the best last night. :smiley:

But now that’s all over, I hope everyone enjoyed our Stanley Cup Finals Last night. :open_mouth: :cry: :open_mouth: :blush: :open_mouth:


As a hockey fan, I thought that last night wasn’t an entertaining game. I don’t understand Pat Quinn. I mean, before the last two games, he rotated all four lines. Fast exciting hockey. Fans were wondering what could stop this team.
But against the Czechs, he mostly played Lemieux’s line and Thornton’s line. They almost lost that game. Thank god he put Lecavalier’s line out in OT for a bit because they weren’t out there much during the game.
You would think that he wouldn’t do it again against the Finns, but he did. I am not taking anything away from Thornton, Doan and Draper, but if he would have gone back to 4 lines, the game would have been over by the second period.
Last night was not a classic. Not like Canada Cup 1987. 1987 was the best hockey ever played and 2004 had the potential to be almost as good. But Pat Quinn had to slow down the play and bench Conn Smythe winner Brad Richards, NHL top scorer St-Louis, workhorses Heatley and Smyth and tournament MVP Lecavalier. What was he thinking?
I hope Gretzky chooses another coach for the olympics.

You are so right there. Fonzy would have loved your big thumb. But on the subject, about those three idiots on the Tampa roster, they should have had more ice time.

Just a reminder, St-Louis is just a small fluke, same with Richards. Just Lecavalier has my respect and should have been the only one on the Canada teeam from Tampa. :laughing:

I know I now hate the Lightning, it is my choice not to like things that I don’t like, like I could like the things I very much like, like only Canadian Hockey Teams. Like that ok. :open_mouth:

Another thing about the world cup, why did’nt they have a couple of games back in WESTERN CANADA!!! HUH!!!HUH!!!

I am sure Vancouver and Calgary would have been ROCKIN!!! :unamused:

Right like I said.