Official: First Android Phone on September 23rd

Google will introduce their Googlephone, the HTC Dream, on September 23rd.  It looks kinda clunky to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


i think most phones from HTC are clunky except the HTC touch; its sweet… :smiley:

iPhone has video.  The HTC one doesn’t. So I think iPhone would win a pr0n contest.

It also has a headphone jack, and can sync contacts and calendars and podcasts and stuff with your computer.  The HTC can’t.

But it’s a decent device. Not great. 

Blackberry for life!

htc 6800 is rock solid, GPS, Keyboard, Camera, video camera, games 8 gig removable  storage card, WIFI the only thing I hate is its not  GSM :unamused:

Why would you hate that it’s GSM? 

yikes thanks MiG , CDMA sucks as my phone cant take a sim card…

that’s the only downfall…

I <3 my Iphone.

You should e-mail “the Russians” for some warez. 

I set up 2 more iPhones at work today.  Fun stuff!

Also, how to use the iPhone in Canada on a Pay as You Go plan: … in-canada/

Just an excuse to try the macro mode on the camera :wink: