Obama declares love for Canada, banishes Bush era

Please, Mr. President, leave NAFTA alone.  At least Obama made his first trip abroad to us.

Obama loves Canada

Coming from Quebec , so do I like Canada.

Yeah, me too.  I like Obama, I just get nervous when he suggests that we revisit NAFTA.

And El Harpo declared it back:"I’m so glad you have a Green Plan, we really wanted a Tory Green Plan but Evil Bush wouldn’t let us. He made us ridicule Dion, we’re really environuts. Really!

Canadians like a PM with spunk, but not when it’s American and dribbling off the PMs chin…

Classic:-)  QFT! :sunglasses:

You can see that the particular impression he has made on every human being in North America is huge. Watching some of the coverage on the CBC yesterday, it was as if he was Jesus/Mohammed/Luke Skywalker all wrapped in to one saviour package.

I’ll believe it when I see a Conservative platform that is focused on the environment and greener technology. I recognize you can’t make a dinosaur in to a bird over an afternoon, but perhaps Obama made an equal impression on Harper and this will actually happen. Perhaps.

hes a good public speaker thats it. hes not gonna change the world. only few have cant see him changing it where its all based on what he did.

Obama personifies “hope”.
Something Conservatives can’t even fathom.

Yeah, Conservatives are all about small government, staying out of your way, and letting the market correct itself (that sure worked for Bush).  The philosophy of "I’m okay, so screw you."
Harper is playing politics if he even suggests that he cares about the environment.

The city (ottawa) was shutdown big time upon his visit yesterday.
cops from every small town police force posted on every street corner.
I did hear that he confused ottawa with iowa!!
was very personable and even went into a ift shop in the market to buy some trinkets!!
I think the whole world is putting alot of faith in him to turn the world economic situation around.

When he offered to pay for the maple cookies he presented a Canadian twenty. This alone will endear him to some.

Even better he didn’t ask what that was in real money! :smiley:

but did he buy the real canadian export some good bud?

I’m glad that our relationship with the US is warming up.  Hopefully Harper won’t botch the negotiations with his wily opponent.  I am hopeful that Obama will have success with the US economy.

US economy = World economy

Yeah, exactly.  If Obama screws up and the US economy tanks, then Canada comes along for the ride.