Nzxt Tower

Orange NZXT tower for sale, computer 2.01GHZ , 2 gigs of ram , 7900 gt video card , 2 Sea-gate 250 GB’S hard drives , LG CD/burner , Sam-sung DVD/CD burner , Windows XP Home edition , included a 19 inch Benq LCD monitor … selling all for $325.00 …

what cpu cooler is that? I a noctua one? not sure if you are who I think you are or not… lol but I know someone with almost that exact same pc case and all, only thing is there are no uv lights and no noctua fans.

Yes that part is not installed in the computer i was using the picture for illustration purposes , or the uv lights not installed … my bad sorry for not correcting my mistake . : )

I know someone who’s interested, need time to wait to get money though

Well that’s no problem i can wait , still have the Tower for sale …

I am interested I just need to find out if I get money this month from my sponsors