NWCC Frustration and Disappointment


I have not had much luck with them over the years.

This is a bit of my story.

Years ago when I graduated high school I had no, no idea what I was going to do next. I came into town after a summer of working down the coast. I came into town in a panic of what to do next. I hurriedly signed up for 4 courses. I spoke with an adviser at the time. I ended up dropping out of every course within 2 weeks. I lost money, but thank goodness I wasn’t going to university as the loss would have been so much more. Looking back, I wish the adviser had been a bit more helpful.

I wish they could have helped me see the overall picture, asked me what my goals and plans were for the next step in my education instead of listening to me- who was obviously fairly scattered in direction. I wish I had been given more help and guidance. Someone who could help me take a step back and evaluate things. I went out of town and got the education and experiences I needed at the time.

A year ago I had signed up for a photography course. There had been some issues at the front desk because it took a couple of weeks, after the start of the course, for it to be registered in the college so that we could actually pay the tuition.

If I could learn anything I would love to learn to cook and practice carpentry. Carpentry, cooking, electrical, etc. It is so sad the number of things that aren’t offered at the college. Though I can understand how difficult it must be, with our population and enrollment here.

The most recent and most frustrating situation for me has occurred in the last few days.

Yesterday through the community announcements, put out by the recreation department, I read that the Rupert campus was offering a number of marine courses, and not just basic ones! I called them as soon as the office opened. I asked if I could get any information on the dates, which courses were actually being offered and if they had started already. I called twice that day, I could not get the information I was looking for but was referred to another person who was not in the office at the time.

I asked if I could stop by the office- maybe there was a piece of paper listing all the marine courses, the dates and cost. Nope. Today I finally spoke with who I was being referred to. She did give me some answers. The courses had already started and will most likely not be offered in Rupert any time soon- the advanced courses are being moved over to Haida Gwaii in January.

I asked where I missed this. On the website I could only find information on one course- MED’s- Marine Emergency Duties.

The more advanced courses had been advertised in the calendar- but like many offered through NWCC the dates were not definitive or advertised at all. I didn’t know that “TBA” means “sign up now”. It is hard to plan a life around “To Be Announced” dates.

Over the years I have not had much luck with NWCC. I have found it hard to find out when courses I am interested in will be offered. I am so frustrated I missed this slim opportunity to participate in marine courses. I wish there could be more organization, more set dates, more clear information. It does make it difficult to get much out of it.

Oh NWCC. If only. I think a few things could be done more effectively.

Then why do you keep coming back to NWCC then?

There are other schools out there…

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein