Number of EI recipients down by 30 per cent

Prince Rupert has had one of the biggest drops in EI recipients in all of British Columbia, according to an analysis released by Statistics Canada on Thursday. … 92394.html

Expiration of Benfits would be #1 reason for Rupert, and many have had to go on Social Assistance…

I kinda think there are two main reasons for the decline, I know of many seasonal workers who just didnt qualify, for EI, this year(not enough hours) and moving out of the area.

Nah I’m sure ajaye will advise us it’s an indication of the massive turn around of our economy, good times are here again!

herb is comeing back and our city will be booming again.

I didn’t know we have a pot shop and an underground market to begin with… hence the boom? >.>

Oh? It’s not nice to post threats Ajaye…

The sad part is that lots of workers didn’t get enough hours, went on social assistance or moved. EI won’t recognize it for what it is, they will lengthen the amount of hours a person needs to correspond with these new numbers. I am on EI this year and even after years of work and being a senior worker I only qualified for 42 weeks. I had friends last year that got 70 weeks. I went to EI and enquired and I was told that the recession was much worse in 2009 than it was in 2010 therefore anyone laid off in 2009 benefited almost double. Now tell me that work has not improved that much here in town! What a pile of bull! So, the good folk up here suffer one more blow. Trying to get into the subsidzed schooling EI provides and earliest is Sept. EI runs out in Oct…so now what to do?

42 weeks ouch, I always thought it ran closer to a full year possibly 48. A friend of mine got about 70 weeks of EI more or less, thankfully he found employment recently in Prince Rupert. I know when going for training sometimes EI can be extended into the training but not a sure thing, sometimes it is reduced to a trainning allowance. I am just happy that the friend managed to find something that offers benefits after a period of time, very rare in town. EI can be okay to go and find something elsewhere in BC. Our region should qualify for extra time, but as this is not the case many end up on social assistance. I also think people not collecting in recent years should get extended claims. I am grateful to be full time employed and my friend is now working as well. Sometimes Rupert still comes through, but things are not like they once were. My family moved here from Eastern Canada many years ago and work was always plentiful.