Now kids remember, when you're on the ice keep your head up!

Man that was one nasty hit on Umberger in the Philly Buffalo game. … 62-ap.html

Perfectly legal, but ouch anybody get the number of the truck.

Even Hitchcock seemed to accept the idea that the Sabres Cambpell, just did what you do when somebody crosses the trolley tracks and isn’t looking where he’s going.

Heck of a way to learn a lesson though.

Hopefully the kid is ok, but I think I’d have him sit out a couple of games, the Flyers have a terrible record on these concussion things.

Heck of a first game though, makes the Buffalo Philly series one of the must see tv events for the first round…

Keeping your head up = good.

I remember my first year of Bantam hockey (checking legal) I already had a year of experience in a bit of checking by playing PeeWee Rep but the first couple evaluation games were supposed to be hitting-free so I was skating down the ice as fast as I could with my head wayyy down and then I just remember seeing black and then hitting the ice. One of the big fat guys who never really gets far on the ice charged me. Good thing he sucked, in the time that it took for him to get his balance back I had the puck again and was off down the ice with a nasty headache.