Not to be morbid, but

is there anywhere to find Prince Rupert obituaries?

I think there’s only one in town (I just searched obituaries in Prince Rupert on but it seems to be under renos.

thanks, but I meant posted obituaries–not funeral home :smile:

Try calling the Northern View and asking where on their website the obits are, I did a quick check and couldn’t find any local ones but if you’re looking for obit for pretty well anywhere else in the province they have a sortable data base.

I imagine the local version of the chain has a spot for them, but I couldn’t see it.

It seems like families here don’t post obits in the paper or online. You only see them occasionally in the Northern View. The Daily News was where you use to read about that. Terrace has them in the Standard and on the Standard’s website.

One way is to read the paper online.