Not so free internet

I have been reading alot about big internet providers charging to use the internet sort of like cable, there will be different packages available depending how much you are willing to pay. so lets say this site might not be on there list so when you go to view it, it will  load slow or not at all. Scarry shit any who thats the americans for ya

here a link … index.html

fuck em ill just rent space on a proxy somewhere so there.

Total load of shit

So how come the ‘impartial middlemen’ charge me $5 a Gig over thier arbitrary limits? But they don’t usually charge that to direct customers?
I just ‘sold’ 75 ADSL customers to another company for that very reason. If you you used the 5 gigs you were allowed, I lost $9 on your account. If you used 7 GB I net’ed ZERO again, if you paid for them and I can assure you 80% of people refused to and cost you their accounts plus collection fees.
If you were a ‘retail’ customer the contract rates were close to or below wholesale with a free modem, iPod or LCD monitor tossed in.
The public has the impression the Internet is “free” because the big guys have been bleeding out anyone who competed for the last 10 years.

Thanks for expanding out my fuck those fucking fuckers post into something a little more clear and concise  :sunglasses:

Dont you feel so sorry for those multi billion dollar companies?  gotta love how they will charge more now to keep things the way they are and have been for years  :unamused:

I have this jaded outlook that’s tempered little since my teens that the Generals and the business elite are not to be trusted.

From familiar telcos who are raking bigger profit levels from fewer employees, a universal disdain to share those earnings with the people who do the actual work of delivering those returns, to homegrown newsmags that rag Galbraith as a ‘communist sympathizer’ my pessimism is borne out…
You’re not locked into a contract, it’s a price protection plan… we’re doing you a favour! See, you get a free monitor to prove it. (and future competition is being secretly eroded).
We delivered a huge tax grant to ring natural gas to your neighborhood. Plus tax incentives to switch your furnace. Whoops! Now that you all switched, the price has soared so electrical heat is cheaper, and (oh shit) we privatized the gas company it so we can’t do anything about it. Thank God we used your tax money then, or they’d make you pay $1,000s just to hook up!
Our old Premier Bill Bennett touted the benefits of alternative fuels. Propane and natural gas conversions were the rage of the 80s. The next Premier recognized hundreds of thousands of converted vehicles ‘weren’t paying their fair share’ and imposed a 2 cent tax. That made the price of propane move from between 9 and 19 cts/L to 39 cts/L.
There’s never been an investigation of oil that found collusion. So they disbanded the useless review agency. 2 weeks later, Vancouverites are paying 36 cts/L more for gas than Torontonians…
Polls report over and over that 2/3 of Canadians have concerns about our mission in Afghanistan. Harper jams through a 2 year extension of canada’s committment there and SURPRISE! IpsosRied delivers a poll the next day showing most Candians back him…

A week after Bell-Telus-Rogers nail 90% of Internet users as direct customers you will get multi-tiered services and billed for every Gig you download. Rest assured of that.
(tidbit: * have you seen the Dlink614 wireless router/ADSL combo for Telus yet? You can purchase one from several places. But be warned, the firmware will only let you hook to Telus. If you contact Dlink and ask for the ‘original firmware’ they’ll first deny there is any, that they come off the line that way. Continued pressure will get them to reveal their ‘not allowed’ to give it to you. They can only deliver those preset to the volume buyer’s software and not in their generic form*)

The web should remain neutral and resist attempts to fragment it into different services, web inventor  Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said. Recent attempts in the US to try to charge for different levels of online access web were not “part of the internet model,” he said in Edinburgh. He warned that if the US decided to go ahead with a two-tier internet, the network would enter “a dark period”. Sir Tim was speaking at the start of a conference on the future of the web.

“What’s very important from my point of view is that there is one web,” he said.

“Anyone that tries to chop it into two will find that their piece looks very boring.”

An equal net

The British scientist developed the web in 1989 as an academic tool to allow scientists to share data. Since then it has exploded into every area of life.

“You get this tremendous serendipity where I can search the internet and come across a site that I did not set out to look for.â€

everyone gouge out your eyes and plug your ears lalalalalala the corporations do not own us we are note cattle lalalalala

Though I believe this is one of few times people will actually stand up and fight I mean how dare someone try to charge them more for their porn hookup… shit they might as well order pay per view.