Not just against the Republicans, but anti-American!

Man this campaign can’t end soon enough, the Reptilians er ooops sorry Republicans are channelling the ghost of Joe McCarthy now, if you’re not with us you’re clearly anti American…

The Representative for Minnesota Michelle Bachman trots out the age old idea that liberals are anti american, guilt by association, much like when McCarthy was looking for Reds under every bed is back baby, no need for fact checking, no need for context, no need for a thought process…

Chris Matthews exposed the lady (and her fellow travellers) as a proud part of the nutbar patrol yesterday… watch as he lures the spider into the trap…

I agree about this campaign not being over soon enough.  Just when I think that I am already floored by how many supporters McCain/Palin have, something like this comes along:

John McCain and his side kick scary christian woman are worried and should be… but to  resort to a sleazy and down right dirty tactics to try and smear Barack Obama is unforgivable in my books.

Agreed.  The Republicans seem quite desperate and are using negative attacks to try to rally the GOP base and draw Independent voters.  We will know in 2-3 weeks if this strategy works.
Obama raised 150 million in September and is fighting back hard in all key states.  I think this will be a close one.

Not to sound like a dick, but why are you people so worried about our election.  It’s not like it affects any of you.  We’re the ones who have to deal with the idiot when he gets in.  Remember one thing, people thought John Kerry would be Bush and he didn’t. 

All these politicians are the same, talking out of their asses.  Remember one thing we voted in a democratic house and senate and they’ve been complete failures.  Comparing Democrats and Republicans is like comparing pieces of sh*t, the only difference is the smell and color.

We’re worried about the election because the economic health of the USA has a direct impact on Canada and the World in general.  Also, we trade goods and services with the US and trade policy has a direct impact on the Canadian economy and jobs north of your fine country.
We’re in this together.

My only worry is that Palin gets elected.  Of all four people involved, she surely is the biggest idiot and has proven it many times in her short political career.
If she does get elected, then I think our species is at risk. If the most powerful country in the world is again lead by people who’s vision of the future is the ideals of 1950 America ( american dream, suburbia, owning a car=freedom, everyone who has a social conscience is a commie, etc…), and who “pal around” with ruthless corporations, then I don’t think we will get out of the environmental crisis for basic resources that are coming ahead. 

Do you think the people of Iraq should have should have been worried about one of your previous elections? What if McCain gets in and goes to war with North Korea or Iran and gives one of those “you’re either with us or against us” speeches.  And did not Obama say he was going to revisit NAFTA? No matter what the US does its going to affect other countries. It’s the old sleeping next to a 300 pound gorilla adage. It’s only natural to hope for a more favourable outcome, it’s also a bit frustrating to not have any sway over the decision either. You also have to realize we base our opinion almost entirely on your governments foreign policy ( although the economic crisis seems to escape from your borders too ) The United States is such a power full country that its only natural the rest of the world would take notice of what happens inside of it.

Agreed.  Palin is a moron.  Also, Senator McCain is an old man who is a cancer survivor.  If the Republicans win the White House there is a real chance that she could be the President.  I am hopeful that McCain’s ill-conceived choice for VP dooms the GOP on November 4th.
The thought that Palin could be the leader of the free world is chilling indeed.

Wow - you know, with all the jokes out there about how Canadians all live in igloos, how our military pales in comparison to the USA’s, how we are ‘so nice’ - I’m still shocked by how many Americans seem to think their elections have no effect on us. 

Think about it - how long were we fighting with the US over the softwood lumber agreements?  Over and over and over again the US is told to pay up - yet they don’t, and we don’t push the issue.  This is about BILLIONS of dollars and we still don’t seem to have the cajones to stand up to the Americans? 

Anyone else see the movie “Good Night and Good Luck”?  If you haven’t - it’s a fantastic movie, and I was reminded of it when I read this thread. 

We tend to have a more global outlook up here on the tundra line, less inclined to just assume that our way is the only way to look at an issue.

You’ll find that Canadians know much more about American politics than American’s know about ours. Part of it is interest, part of it is cultural immersion and those evil televisions channels that invade our televisions every night…

Though I will wager that as far as participation in the process goes this time, your nation will have made more of an effort to vote this time around and will make our sad little vote participation totals of last Tuesday look a tad embarassing.

Trivia: When was the last time the Republicans won an election without Nixon or a Bush on the ticket?

1980, Ronald Reagan, the new morning for Americuh…

George Herbert Bush was Reagan’s vice-presidential running mate.


Nope, Nixon was on the ticket in 1956.

that’s right, before my time


Nope, 1928.  80 years ago was the last time the Republicans won without a Bush or Nixon.

1928, eh? Hoover?