Northwest companies win awards

CityWest and Coast Tsimshian Resources were award winners in Prince George

Citywest wins “technology company of the year.”

Which year? Certainly not 2010.

Well, maybe their digital cable is 2010-era. But their mobile and internet is from the 1990s. Technology company of the year, sure. 1998 maybe.

Walk into Citywest and try to buy an iPhone, a Nokia phone, or the latest Blackberry. Can’t. It’s still 1998 in their world.
Do a speedtest on a Citywest residential internet connection and compare it to Shaw or some other ISP in this decade.

I don’t know by what criteria they judge “technology company of the year.” Maybe because it’s the only technology company in Northern BC, they win by default? Like having our cruise ship terminal win “Cruise Ship Terminal of the Year.”

This is outrageous. Anyone who thinks CityWest is the “technology company of the year” has been sniffing glue.

On another note, congratulations to Coast Tsimshian Resources, keep up the good work!