Northern View delivery?

Just wondering if anyone actually gets their Wed and Friday papers from the Northern View. Now that the Daily Snooze is gone this is our only source of flyers in town and we have not had one paper delivered for almost 2 months now. I know of several other people in other parts of town who said the same thing. I contacted them about delivery to our area and they said they’d look into it and call me back…still waiting over a week and a half later. Do the businesses PAYING for these ads know their info is not getting out to the people?

I would call them back again and ask if they’ve resolved their delivery issues in your neighbourhood.

I imagine that they’ll want to make sure that the paper is getting delivered, though the circulation problem sounds rather familiar from the recent past.

Let the publisher know your address.

We definitely encourage people to let us know any time they are not receiving the paper. It’s something we take seriously, and if a carrier isn’t getting the paper out to our readers in an area we need to know so we can either resolve the issue with that carrier or find someone new to deliver the route. E-mail me at

I wish I was getting this paper. Would be nice to see what’s on sale in town and whatever little bits of news that is actually about Prince Rupert! I’ve tried calling and leaving messages for someone to call me back regarding my not getting my papers but it seems like they just don’t really care. Too bad. At least I know on Monday mornings I can go to some of the small businesses in town and get a Muskeg News Flyer. I know they will be out on Monday.

ya, good thing for muskeg news, or just like those chilean miners, we would all be living in the dark for months on end hahaha. since you have to pick up your muskeg, why not pick up the view too, i know overwaitea has them.

Anyone checked out the website? Up to date news, weather, classified etc. and a forum similar to this one also! Great site, check it out especially for those who don’t receive their papers on time !

I’ve called in twice now. STILL NO PAPER + FLYERS TONIGHT!!?!?!?!? Seriously, it is hard to plan your grocery shopping with no flyers! I have now emailed the publisher. Maybe they’d get some better, more reliable/dedicated carriers if they paid a fair amount for delivery. In our area it works out to much less than $5/hr b/c it would take 1 person about 1.5-2hrs to deliver (we used to do the route 3 years ago when there were no flyers) and they said they’d pay roughly $20/week which is $10 per delivery day 144 papers loaded with flyers in our lovely weather!?!??!

Went into the web-email tonight and received your message. I will be talking with our circulation manager in the morning about this and will touch base with you tomorrow. Thanks for the e-mail, and I encourage anyone else who doesn’t receive the paper to e-mail

Thanks! I emailed and today, the day after, I got a paper!!! YAY!

Our offering from the same cain of weeklies is colloquially known as "The Local Rag"
Murders, rapes, drug busts. No matter, no mention. Page one is a skate park, hockey rink or Grade 9 girls volleyball.
Only the content is a week late and a dollar short. It’s there 10:00 am every Weds.

I don’t know why anyone who pays for ads in the View should bother paying their bills. If it’s not important enough for the paper to ensure delivery then why should anyone bother to pay for the ads that nobody is getting.
Another thing is that the carriers that do pick up the papers leave the bundle straps ( plastic binders that hold the large bundles of papers together) all over the street before throwing the papers in a dumpster.
We have not had a paper delivered to our house for weeks now but the bundle wrappers are all over our sidewalk.
Now that’s news!

well I don’t know about other people but I have never had a problem, and the service I get with The View is by far better than anything with the daily news.

yea those both places before were bad for bringing my newspaper. Like these kids didn’t put the paper in my mailbox. They put it on the ground right below my mailbox which is right be side my door. They did this numerous times. Pissed me off pretty good because the papers will fly all over in front of your house. Then you gotta clean them all up. Should be able to phone them and make them clean it up. Should do their job right in the first place since the mailbox is right above where they placed the newspaper. Now it seems like it got better tho since a older guy is bringing the paper.

Never used to receive the paper when we had kids delivering around the neighborhood but we have a very nice lady delivering now and no problems at all. I feel sorry for her as she has to deliver in the rain and all but she always has a smile and a “Hi”!

Again, any concerns you have about delivery please e-mail me at We can’t fix the problem if we don’t know which area is being talked about. Have replaced two carriers based on e-mails that came to this account and follow up, and we are doing everything we can to make sure the newspaper gets to every household, but we need addresses to fix the problem since the majority or our random call outs (including one done Tuesday) are telling us they have gotten the paper.