Northern View bias

Last night I tried to comment on a Northern View story that I thought was inaccurate. My comment was immediately deleted and not posted. My attempts to quantify my comments were again deleted. Not impressed . Just venting but I thought I would put it out there. Got to go the bird cage needs more paper!

Copy n Paste the article here. They cant delete from here.

I wrote a letter to the editor a month or so ago. I asked not to be identified and the letter was never printed.
Nothing crazy town about the letter, it was printed here and was about the Museum. The View did not contact me or print it.
That said it is no great loss.
The paper if a dinosaur and close to extiction regardless.
Their actions like this will ensure their fate I believe.

If i’m right they do not print letters to the editor without the author’s name

Yes, I understood that too but I gave them my name and address, phone and so on but asked them to withhold my name.
No big deal but the Daily News used to print the letter if they had your name I seem to remember.

Grow a pair and use your name.

Yeah, OK Mr. Soggy


Yeah, OK Mr. Soggy[/quote]

Ho, ho! That softball is over the fence and still flying!

So, the Northern View is supposed to be responsible for printing your letter, and, taking the fall for any and all backlash it may create. But you can’t let them print your name? Seems kinda cowardly to me.