Northern Star October 13th-19th, 2010

This newspaper says “serving Prince George and Prince Rupert” I did not see any Prince Rupert advertising other than the Salvation Army. Am I missing something?

Tough to tell where any of the ads are form. Very few had a city location.

Not tough at all!!! Look at the name of the business…if it aint one of the 15 left in rupert …its in PG.
ORRR…you could look at the phone prefix and that might assist you further.

Thanks for posting edition 34 Miguel!

The reason that there is not more Rupert advertising in it is that Rupert businesses simply aren’t advertising in it. They don’t realize the huge value in advertising in an affordable and interesting publication that is distributed freely to strategic consumer locations throughout Prince George every week. There is great advantage to putting your business’s name and contact information in the hands of consumers from all over western Canada, when/while they are consuming/travelling. Prince George is THE transportation hub of northern BC. People come from and depart in all directions - north, east, south and west. The number of tourists that pass through here is several thousand times those of all other northern BC communities. Attracting those tourism dollars is critical to many of the businesses still left in Prince Rupert.

But, tourism is a small and temporary potato for Rupert in the long run. Prince Rupert needs to attract light industry, manufacturing, brokerages, etc. to employ those currently living there, and to expand its population base dramatically. More people=more taxes=more money for public services=more people attracted. By advertising in the Northern Star, companies, services and organizations get their information to decision makers in their target markets, when those decision makers are relaxed and have the time to read about them. Because it’s a publication that they don’t need to purchase, and the fact that its entertaining, educational and amusing, people take it with them to share with others at home and office. The result is that many people read each copy every week and it gets carried to points all over western Canada. By being in coffee shops, restaurtants, at the college, hospital, in waiting rooms at medical buildings and mechanical shops, etc., the Northern Star gets business information in front of people when they are relaxed, open and inquisitive. The businesses ads also aren’t lost among hundreds like they are in larger publications, meaning more readers of the ad, and for longer periods of time.

Good luck. Hard to convince small town business that they need to advertise. Had $40K business slip to $0 in 5 years as locals here convinced themselves of that truth. Not a single one remains 10 yrs later. Nada. All gone under.

You are bang on Herbie. They say that if we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

Fact; during the early 1930’s, those companies that cut back their advertising went broke. Those who maintained, or increased, advertising did extremely well. The biggest obstacles to most individual business growth is that the owner/operators are too stupid or arrogant to realize that they are not an expert at everything, and they refuse to hire experts that would help them to succeed far beyond even their own expectations.

My father’s business was a classic example. For three years it could not break through the $250,000 per year gross earnings ceiling. One evening my father was venting, and I was dumb enough to share my opinion. I told him that, though he was a passionate and hard worker, he was not an expert at everything and that he needed to hire and let the experts in certain fields do their job. Though I got a bloody lip for my impertinence, he did go and hire an accountant, lawyer, etc., and the following year the business exceeded the $250,000 ceiling, breaking the $1,000.000 mark for the first time.

Advertising is hiring an independent sales force. No need to pay worker’s comp, no monthly payroll, no absenteeism, etc. It’s on the street 24/7. By consulting and utilizing the services of advertising experts, businesses will grow. Advertising is much more than just publicizing information, it is conveying an entire concept. Great advertising conveys the who, what, where, when and why of a business, and drives people through the door. Many people make the mistake of thinking that because more people come into their business, their profits should increase. When it doesn’t, they blame the advertising. However, the sad truth is that advertising is a very effective sales ‘partner’ at bringing the customers through the door, but the business owner/employee fail to close the sale(s), maximizing the opportunity that the advertising gave them.

The bottom line, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.