Northern Expedition

Does anyone know when the tour of the new Northern Expedition is??

Just found it on the net…

The official open house comes up on May 2nd when BC Ferries will show off the German built ferry which offers space for 600 passengers, 55 staterooms and room for for 130 vehicles. Rupertites can look over the new features from 1 to 4 pm, Skidegate residents and others on the Charlottes will get their chance one day later from 2 to 5pm.

A first glance at the new ferry seems to suggest more of a cruise ship look as opposed to the traditional outline of the ferry as we have come to know it on the North coast.

I was one of, or maybe even the only idiot who went down there at 9am this morning to take a look. It was however the QPR decommissioning today, other terminal… Was two days ago the first time the Northern Expedition has been into Rupert?

Its called The Northern Adventure.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Northern Expedition is the ‘new’ ship parked at Atlin Terminal in Cow Bay? The Northern Adventure is the ship being replaced for the Inside Passage route. All three were here yesterday or today.

I believe you are correct, sir. And I think the Expedition looks pretty cool.

Right! Sorry, I didn’t know about the cruise ship.

Pictures please!

A crappy, squished pano from this morning.

There’s a nice pic on the BC ferries website, Lemrac. Just click on “about Northern Expedition.”

This picture came through my e-mail from B.C. Ferries this morning. Thought it really gives perspective to the current discussion in terms of the size of the ships - Northern Expedition, Northern Adventure and Queen of Prince Rupert.

Cool shot.

Interesting to see how the boats have changed in shape as well. The rust on the Q of PR is really kind of gross but understandable given how old it is, while the other boats look amazing. As long as they aren’t vomit comets… eugh. 

I doubt BC Ferries would have let the QPR get as rusty as it is if there wasn’t plans to get rid of it. While it might only take some grinding/sand blasting and paint to make it look good, I’m sure the cost of that is fairly substantial. That Northern Expedition is sure impressive to look at in comparison, even against the Northern Adventure.

Insure it to the hilt and sail it up and down the coast of Somalia…

nice pic of all 3 boats.

I just heard on the news that it is up for sale and could be bought by the Chinese…Are they planning to float it out by the mill and keep all their Rupert purchases in one place…?  They could renovate it and turn it into a restaurant, some competiton for Brads’  :smiley:  Just a thought…

Well since the Northern adventure was bought at the ferry garage sale, for cheap, i guess they forgot to look at its rough water stability report.

However from what i gathered from pictures of the new ferry being built, its wider and has stabilizers , that can be extended under the waterline to counteract tipping. she was designed for the area.

however i was a little disapointed that they went with a single funnel design when the QPR and Northern adventure were double

Something i just noticed while looking at the pictures
have you noticed that the Northern adventure, the somewhat smaller one has more life rafts as the new one?

Well firstly you can’t really see the other side of the new one, and the ones on the Northern Adventure appear to be smaller. 

Both boats utilize a chute evacuation system which is the main evacuation method along with liferafts.  Therefore, the number of lifeboats on board are minimal and serve as a back up.