Northern Expedition - Open

I think I remember reading that the Northern Expedition was going to be open to the public May 2 between 1 and 4pm?  I was just wondering if anyone here knew for sure if that is the correct time and date? 

that is correct…

Somebody go and take lots of pictures for me
my plans changed and i have to go to terrace all day saturday

I can if you’d like - I have 4.5 gigs of memory cards with my camera and approx. 8 hours of video with my video camera - heh.  My husband is out of town and really wanted to go, so I’ll be taking lots of photos for him as well. 


Keep an eye out for terrists and swine flu.

Some pics I took of the tour. Couple from the Bridge, though I neglected to get one looking outside from the bridge.

One is of the buffet service part.

Notice that the ferry runs XP in one of the shots…and one of the staterooms.

And a couple more. One is looking out over the bow from the lounge in the front of the ship. And one is a passenger area on the stern of the ship.

LOL, well at least they aren■t using vista…

nice pics, looks like a nice boat

It is a VERY nice boat!!  The TV lounge is very nice too.  And apparently there are tvs in every stateroom, and soon enough there will be internet available.

My only complaint is that the kids’ play area is way too small.  The kids are going to be on those boats for up to 24 hours, and there really isn’t much space for them to run around.

Some photos I took that don’t look like have been posted by anyone else (yet)… :wink:

A few more…