Northern B.C. town deprived of internet for at least a month

No Facebook, no Netflix, no Google and no email: that will be the reality for the residents of Stewart, B.C., starting on Tuesday for at least one month.

“For me, personally, it’s like my life stopped right now,” said Stewart Mayor Galina Durant. “My community, including my house and my office, will be without an internet connection.”

Wow! That would royally suck. Nasty!

So there used to be OneWayOut, now there’s NoWayOut.

My understanding is that Telus will not be providing internet access, just a connection for a future ISP? They will also soon be putting an LTE tower there. But that’s just a conversation I had with someone who repeated a rumour, so not sure how accurate it is…

Meanwhile, the question CBC didn’t ask the mayor, is why the ISP shut down. My understanding is that the mayor might have some insight. Or you know, they could ask the ISP.

That’s always the issue. And it was provided by a Society, requiring people’s effort for no or little reward.
FSJames rural came within a red you-know-what of having that happen (not the town core, that has Telus)., I know as I was the one about to pull the plug. Worked for 6 months with NO renumeration to help the new company take over.
Only the HUGE companies can provide, service, ensure collections and attempt to keep up with rocketing bandwidth demands.

I think this is what I was getting at…

Anyway, Telus themselves won’t be offering internet in town, I don’t think. Other than LTE service.

I think some other company will step in.