Northern adventure

Item on the CBC noon news, that the Northern Adventure has broken down over on the QCI! Will be out of service for the weekend.
Maybe the incompetent BC ship building industry should have been chosen over the much superior European yards!

It is the Northern Adventure that is broken down (see Queen Charlotte Observer website for details), not the new ship built overseas…the Northern Expedition.

The Northern Adventure once known as the Sonia, has a pretty interesting list of past maintenance during her life. Whether it be in the Caribbean or prowling the waters of Europe from where she was purchased…

Not surprising that she would once again have some issues, though it will prove to be a troublesome thing if they continue through the busy summer season now that the Queen of PR has moved on to her next reward (maybe they might want to take her off the for sale listings just in case  :imp:

there is no way bc shipyards would have built a ship in time thats why they bought the norad used .

there is no way bc shipyards would have built a ship in time [/quote]

What if they had brought in some Jehovah’s Witnesses for the job?

shoulda suggested that earlier. maybe we can get them to build phase 2 of the container port  :smiley: