North Coast MLA Gary Coons won't run again in next B.C. elec … n-1.946833

[quote]North Coast New Democrat MLA Gary Coons has announced he won’t be running again in the next B.C. election.
Coons joins more than a dozen other members of the legislature, both Liberal and NDP, who have also announced they’re giving up politics before voters head to the polls next May.
The two-term MLA says he’s honoured to have served his constituents and thanked them for putting their trust in him.
Coons says he’s proud to be part of such a dedicated team of New Democrats and is looking forward to seeing the party bring positive change in 2013.[/quote]

Gary Coons is a good MLA the North Coast had in quite a while. We should thank him a million for his service.

Any words what he’s pursuing afterwards, or just retiring?

I agree that Gary has done a wondeful job of serving the North but I do not believe that he should walk away just yet . He deserves to take his seat and enjoy what he deserves .
Think hard now Gary please.

Everyone has the right to change jobs when they want to.
Many thanks Gary for your tireless efforts on the North Coast; you did an excellent job representing our interests. Enjoy the next phase of your life. :smile: