Nomination names?

Anyone going after Pond ?I heard Marty is Council, he should keep an eye out for Gabe ,Lowther , Fitztpatrick . Any slates happening?

Is there an official list anywhere?

I’m already seeing campaign signs, but no big list of candidates.

I have heard that all the present council members are going back for seconds and thirds, also heard the likes of Joe Viscount could be a circus wannabees. There are some good questions for the candidates in the making though, lets get away from the port and lets get real.Soory getting ahead of myself.

I tried running for council here, failed miserably.

I’m voting for Marty Bowels. <-- that’s how they had his name in the paper lol.

But for real he’s got my vote.


I hate it when my bowels get marty. I’m pretty sure that have a vaccination for that now.

Yeah Marty, has my vote I lnow that he is very much union but he is also very much into the social issues that affect this community and he has compassion. He has one good head one his shoulder plus he is a person who will listen and take the issues seriously not just waste his time with the water front.Give it your best Marty.


Some of these people new and old plus the try and try agains, should be called on right away for lying to the community. " For a Healthy Community" where what part?Have you seen our streets have you seen many of the people walking those streets, is that not your old sign? " Your issues are my issue " Where you been the last three years good to see you again Gabe. Notice there is only one re-elect sign out there maybe nobody going to notice those other two guys?

Mitch Myers name was on there too I have a good feeling he would be a worthy candidate, We definately need some new blood in there and purge some of the old guard types. I mean experience is great and all but we need new and progressive ideas and thinking in there and get back to a reality based civic government. Steve Fitzpatrick also would be an excellent representative, regardless of what some people may think about him.

I am hearing good things on Mitch please don’t ruin it for him by leaving him in the batch as Fitzpatrick. I mean give Mitch a chance to get started, he need not be branded today.

no branding intended, a very bright and capable young man and by all means let us give him a chance, he’s got my vote. Some much better choices available this time around, definately time for some changes.

Yes for Mitch , what I am saying is keep him as the one to watch. I do not feel he should be compared to ones who have failed once already. Lets hear whats Mitch got to say.

[quote=“MiG”]Is there an official list anywhere?

I’m already seeing campaign signs, but no big list of candidates.[/quote]

For Mayor: Herb Pond; Gloria Rendell

For Council: Kathy Bedard; Marty Bowles; Tony Briglio; Mario Castelli ; Brenda Cook; Ken Cote; Danielle Dalton; Frank DeBartolo; Steve Fitzpatrick; Sheila Gordon-Payne; Nelson Kinney; Gabe McLean; Mitch Myers; Erika Rolston; Jack Rudulph; Lothar Schiese; Joy Thorkelson; James Vassallo