Nomad looking for a new home!

Hello fellow Rupertites, 
I will be back in your beautiful rainy city this coming fall and expecting to stay until the summer.  I am looking for a place to stay.  I am an excellent house-sitter and a quiet tenant.  I am newly engaged, but am looking to live by my self until after the wedding.  I am a 24 graduate of a NWCC program and my future husband is also taking the leap into post secondary at the PR campus this fall.  So anyone who knows of anyone needing a house sitter or a affordable place to rent please get back to me!
Thanks for your help,

Hi Nomad,

I am looking for someone from mid October to mid Nov or right around then, we are wanting to go south for a month.  Have a small dog that requires attention but a large house that is very comfortable.  Can only pay a small amount but you can raid the freezer and no problem if two are involved.  If you are intersted in this short term thingy let me know ok. 

  Call the Realtor’s… they have a small list usually

Macro Properties handles a bunch of rentals as well!

When I went there, you had to sign your life away, and your unborn child. At least, so it seemed.

Have you dealt with them at all? Maybe it was just me.

I had a friend who used to live here who found them very helpful,  I have never used their services however - I pay myself rent now :smile:

Nomad - if your handy you can get pretty cheap fixer uppers, its a buyers market in town now - theres more than 200 properties on the market and only about a dozen serious buyers.  If you can, consider buying and pay yourself rent!!  :smile:

also, you could get a cheap “housekeeping” suite at a hotel.  For one person, it’s perfect.

Even Raffles is over $450 a month so cheap housekeeping really doesn’t happen.  The Oceanview has shared bathroom and you can’t plug in any appliances without blowing a fuse and they charge upwards of $450.  Macro will negotiate the rent with some people.

Raffles is a drug den and the Sally Ann hostel rooms are there, the place is horrid and at the Oceanview,well, and Raffles, you aren’t allowed to cook in your rooms. Maybe the OV allows microwaves, not sure. Macro, a friend of mine lived at Digby Towers and they were all given eviction notices back 3 almost 4 years ago, he had 90 days to find a new home as they had renos planned and they still haven’t done anything with the place, in fact one guy refused to move and stayed there until just a few months ago when he moved out to get married.  They are not real flexible with people and it took him over 6 months to get his promised deposit back.

I wish they would work on digby towers.  The sun when it shines seems to shine alot over the tower, notice as i walk the dog.  I think they would make beautiful apts, thinking maybe larger size ones nice for couples.  I think i would move if it was upscale and took small dogs.  (unless he get adopted)

They were once beautiful apartments!!! I remember going in there with my aunt when i was young, lots of young people, loud music, elevators, and lots of people hanging out with their doors open. I remember this because I thought it was the coolest place in rupert to live (aside from the “castle” or the “pink house on 3rd”)  :smile:

I lived in there up til the very end when there were only 7 apartments still occupied .  I lived there for almost 8 years and I must say, aside from a few incidents with drunks and all, I really liked it !  I had a sweet apartment but it was cold in the winter with only single-pane windows and VERY hot in the summer when the sun shone in for awhile. It was kind of fun the last year or so as I was the only tenant on my floor so would leave my apartment door open when I was home and my cat could wander the halls at will and even used to walk my fella to the elevator. It was harsh the way Macro evicted everyone though and they were very unkind to a couple of the other tenants and we did have to wait a long time for our deposits to be refunded.  I would not deal with them again, that is for sure.  I think they could do wonders with that building but they bit off too much when they bought both those properties. I understand Sherbrooke Gardens is renting now but expensive.

Yes, Sherbrook is renting two bedrooms for $675