No skateboarding.. becoming a law?

How come people are bashig skateboarding when it is not the real problem on that street,(3rd)
the real problem is the vandalism, and bashing in of windows, skateboarding is the only thing these kids in rupert can do for fun, it’s not the skateboards who do the smashing, it’s the kids who hang around java and the waterfountain doing absolutely nothing, and if there was a vehicle dented and a older woman hit from a skateboard how come none of this was brought upon the stores in this area, no one heard about it until those flyers wre sent to java.

did i miss something?

a bunch of flyers in java, bashing skateboarding and herb pond, and saying no skateboarding down town is going to become the law… when reallly… is that the real problem faced with downtown

I’ve been skateboarding for 9 years now and never had any problems, had one broken window in 9 years and it was payed for.  how ever these kids hanging out at java and the fountain… breaking window just cause they wanted to set off the alarm…? they never payed anything back or got in trouble… no skateboarding a new law?.. why not just ban walking, jogging, biking, and rollerblading?.. on 3rd ave. there are two skateboarding shops where we all go to hang out when it’s raining…(which is everyday in Rupert) we might skateboard around outside the store but we stop and move to the side for pedestrians, if anyone did get hit by a skateboard then they were appoligized to, it’s a tough sport, if you go to watch a basketball game and the ball goes out of bounds and hits you… do you ban basket ball? I think not.  i’ve heard a lot over the years about skateboarders being a problem in Rupert, but if they had built the skateboard park the way we had planned it out it would have been a lot better and would have had enough money left to put a roof over it,  having volunteers to work on it was a mistake from the beginning, where did all the money go? so many thousands of dollars saved and to build a park should have only cost less then half of what they “spent” I mean if the city was smart in the first place they would have chosen a central area, indoors, and used wood not concrete.  choosing the kin hut was a mistake all the money we had saved up went to paying the volunteers “labour” wages and busting out all the rock from the SIDE OF A FREAKIN HILL!!! anyway, I got off topic here, skateboarding down town isn’t a problem and if you think it is… just try to remember when you were a kid and wanted to do something other then watch t.v. the whole day,  at least we’re physically active, and inspired to try something we would never have thought possible.  skateboarding kept me off the streets growing up and by off the streets I mean “DRINKING, BREAKING WINDOWS AND FIGHTING FRIENDS” cause on my way to the skateboard shop i’ve seen these kids at the fountain and Java, and they fight? I heard it was a “fight club” they made cause of bordom… now tell me which is worse? it’s kinda ridiculous how skateboarders get bashed for our creative expression.  thx for reading.  have a good night.

When I was a kid we would ride down into the underground parking in the old mall, back then the concrete was fairly new and super smooth, and always dry. The old janitor used to spend half his shifts chasing us, it was the greatest fun. We would be on the bottom floor before he was halfway down the first, we would then wait for him at the very end and when he got about halfway through the bottom floor we would boot up those couple stairs to the second floor and into the elevator and back up to the top and come bombing past him again as he was panting his way back up, poor old guy, he got his exercise anyways, hehe. It was always a rush while you were in the tiny room on the second floor waiting for the elevator praying it would arrive before he got to it, was about 50/50 I think.

i don’t care about the skateboarders, their not hurting anyone…i actually enjoy watching them at times, doing their tricks and such…
i do however with they were more careful around the parents with kids, just the other day i seen this kid doing tricks, flew off his board and knocked over a little boy, just got up laughed, barely said sorry and carried on with his stupidity…if i was that boys mother, i would have taken that board and whacked him across the head, muttered a little sorry and walked off laughing…i wonder if he would have seen it funny then?  :confused: :smiley:

Don’t cloud somebody’s ligitamate issue with another totally different issue. I have not read the “Flyer” made available at Java, maybe I should read it before posting but anyway, I am under the impression that this person or group has a real concern about skateboarders downtown!!!
My first response to this is to address the issue at hand and not try to pass blame or divert attention to other problems in the downtown core. The skateboarders can only take measures to improve the ppublic perception of themselves, which would be the mature thing to do. Passing the buck and blaming other people for the flyer comes off as childish.

. . . it’s a tough sport, if you go to watch a basketball game and the ball goes out of bounds and hits you… do you ban basket ball? I think not. [/quote]

What an inane point. People go to gyms or outdoor courts to watch basketball games, accepting the chance of someone falling into them. You don’t expect it to happen to you downtown.

I say let them skateboard downtown - but after store hours. I don’t like having to nervously navigate my way past kids on skateboards when I’m shopping - and skateboards are worse than rollerblades because the board can become a projectile.

I tell you this much…if some skateboarder ‘falls off’ and knocks any of my kids, that skateboarder is going to be looking for a new skateboard, at the very least. :imp:  :angry:

They have a skate park…use it.  This is Prince Rupert, you aren’t made of sugar!  Everyone else who plays an outdoor sport gets used to the rain.  Suck it up, Princess!  :imp:  :stuck_out_tongue: 

The mall is private property - therefore, if they dont want you there…you cant be there - simple trespassing.

ok…me being a young adult that used to live in rupert but got sick of livin there cuz of all the drama that goes on there and theres nothing to do there for any teen at all…that skateboard park isnt a good park at all…you BARELY see anyone there…because you can do what 2 or 3 things on there??yeah i wouldnt go on there either. i really dont think they should ban skateboarding…there is alot of skateboarders there and its not them that ppl really have a problem with. yes if one of them hit my kid with a skateboard…they would be laid out on the ground rite away…no questions asked…but being a well known girl in rupert i know that wouldnt happen :imp: the last time i was in rupert it just wasnt the same. when i was a teen and we were all hangin out somewhere…we wouldnt be breakin windows or nething…its this new generation of kids who think they are cool and the parents cant control them that are doin all that stuff. i dont think that stupid so-called mayor in rupert should be bannin skateboarding…cuz thats just callin for more trouble then…thats when the fun will start for him…juss thought i would put my two sense in…since i’m always readin this but never put nething on here…lol :laughing:

…but being a well known girl in rupert [/quote]

Too easy… I will let it go…
but I do agree with some points made in an earlier post about pedestrians having to maneuver through skateboarders. I have a baby and it is very unsettling in certain areas downtown, I would bust a board if one hit me or heaven forbid my daughter. I won’t go as far as saying banning skateboarding but some order must be applied here, maybe treating skateboarders like bikes and other wheeled traffic and keping it on the road.

Stupid kids are ruining it for the non-stupid ones.  That’s always the case, and will be for years to come.  If boarding gets banned downtown completely, and if I was a non-stupid skateboarder, I’d be pretty pissed at the ones that ruined it for me.

Kids have skateboarded downtown for years, and it’s not going to stop, whether there is a new skateboard park to use or not. 

I have not seen this flyer either, how ever, it’s a flyer.  it’s just a concern someone had at some point in time and to be honest i’m not worried, i’ve had talks with the cops about being at certain places that “we’re not alout to be at” and they say to come back later when everyone leaves, and we do.  i’m not diverting the problem to anyone else.  I was simply saying that there are bigger problems in Rupert, and I have never hit anyone or witnessed anyone getting hit, knocked over, or any of this.  I’m sure if anyone ever did fall and hit anyone we certainly wouldn’t get up laugh at the people we hit and continue skateboarding that’s pretty harsh.  and the note about whether the new park would get used or not? if it was an indoor we’d be a lot happier,  it’s what we’ve been asking the city for years to build and when they built our park no one was pleased. 

They have never bothered me, even if they were on the road.  They always moved away from me driving.

Find me 3 other municipalities with skate parks the same size as ours, each of them the same size (population) as Rupert, and each other them having faced the same economic troubles as Rupert while the park is being build. The issue with the skateboard park is not that it is bad—we have, arguably, the best outdoor park going down Highway 16 until you hit PG–the real issue is that the park is being misused. If every time there was a fight in that park there was also a few kids boarding, it’d be a pretty well used fight.

The chances that skateboarding will actually be ‘banned’ from any of our streets is highly unlikely at best. There’s very little precident, as the sidewalks are public property. Also, as soon as you ban skateboarding people will inevitably attempt to get bikes, roller blades, and scooters banned too.

I also don’t think it’s fair to brush off skateboarding because it’s a different mode of transportation. Yes, a badly used skateboard can turn into a projectile—I often hear of terrible cases where 6 year olds are impaled by flying skateboards. The fact is, when you know how to skateboard well enough to bother taking it downtown for transport, you’re good enough at boarding that the thing isn’t going to fly out from under you.

As smartass said, it’s stupid kids ruining things for non-stupid ones–but I highly doubt the stupid kids will cause a ban–it just doesn’t make sense.

Yes, a badly used skateboard can turn into a projectile—I often hear of terrible cases where 6 year olds are impaled by flying skateboards. [/quote]

I call bulls!@$ on you “often” hearing of 6 year olds getting impaled. Holy crap, if this even happened once I would be all for banning skateboards and shutting down the skate park. Get your facts straight, you are not helping your cause.

to this person that said TOO EASY… I  WILL LET IT GO…I would think so… I am the mother of the one that said this… and if you are thinking she is a slut or what ever think again… she is a very well liked girl in this town. In other words if it helps you she has lots of friends.  has a lil more brains then a few others here. oh gee even got her grade 12… so please think before you want to say anything…