No more windows xp

I was just wondering if anyone out there has heard that there is going to be no more windows xp… I was in the source on saturday and that is what the girl there was saying… they are selling all there computers . up grading to another type… can we upgrade our computers to this new one … does anyone no. if so can you give me the sight to go to … thank you

xp is getting hard to find, but microsoft will keep updating it for a few more years, drivers and security issues will be fixed, and then like win 98 they will not do anything more… So the question is upfrade to Vista … or buy a Mac…

Vista is the new product so if you buy a new computer it is going to come with that instead of XP. As Astro said, Microsoft will be supporting XP for years.

Maybe this will help you.  I found this site at Microsoft.  It has an upgrade adviser that’ll help you determine if your computer is Vista ready.  Good luck. :smiley:

Vista gives me the good ol’ BSOD on occasion.

Sadly, the best Vista-compatible computer I have is my Macbook.  It runs Vista with all the bells and whistles.  I did it for about 30 minutes before I got really annoyed with it and rebooted into Mac OS X.

I started to get the BSOD on my daughter’s XP Pro box so I set it up with a dual boot with Ubuntu Linux.  At home I boot into Windows once per week to run maintenance scans and also to just annoy myself. :smiley:

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Yes indeed buy a mac, i seen a vista at staples and i asked the salesman his honest opinion
he said it trys too hard to be OSX

i don’t like the mac or vista, im a xp girl…so i guess im screwed in the future  :neutral_face: :astonished:
whats the big deal with the vista and mac anyway?!?!? :confused:

Some day I’ll give Linux a try. I am fine with Windows myself, but I don’t care for the hype about the technical qualities and the security issues people on the net are throwing around.