No more secrets

Local culinary celebrity Adrienne Johnston, owner of Cow Bay Cafe has just released her cook book with many of the recipes used in the restaurant. ‘no more secrets’ should be available in local shops very soon. Although I am not sure that any of us will be able to do as good a job with the recipes that she does, this is a generous sharing of her widely acknowledged culinary expertise, as the total is always more than simply the sum of its parts. Thanks Adrienne, great job.

Just flipped through it a few minutes ago :smile: Looks good!

I always thoroughly enjoy the food at Cow Bay Cafe, it is absolutely first rate!

Just purchased 5 copies, 1 for me and 4 for Christmas gifts. Some of her best dishes are in this book, I highly recommend getting a copy.

the other day when I was at the bookstore I was hoping to find another local author/cooks book there. Unfortunatly the girl there said they did not have it and recommended a few places to try. I wonder did they even get approached about selling the book since they are the only bookstore in town?? It would make sense. Local bookstore selling a local authors book. Just wondering why it isn’t there.

Well, actually they aren’t the only book store in town, Beyond lottery tickets, newspapers and magazines, Eddies News sells books and has a pretty large inventory.

Perhaps that’s the plan in the future, I’m not sure. I believe they were selling them directly from the Cow Bay Cafe until today and Adrienne was available to sign copies. I know they will be selling copies at the Craft Fair this weekend.

Also I think Homework and Seahorse Trading Company are selling the books as well.

There is also a store in Terrace and Homework in PG will be selling it too.